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Oddments Theatre Company is a full time Christian theatre company based in Yeovil, Somerset with its heart in missions. Oddments welcome the opportunity to perform at your church, school, prison or event mainly around the South of England. Thanks to ‘Friends of Oddments’ we are able to subsidise a large part of this work, enabling you to have an affordable mission and for us to continue our work serving the body of Christ.


                                                      Booking Guide                                                    

1) Where would you like us to perform? Check your area on the map.

2) What kind of event do you want us to do? Check the table in the price section.

3) Get in touch with us! If you want to book us or if you have any further questions feel free to contact us.


                                                                             Map of Our Work Areas                                             

We are based in Yeovil (Somerset) - our work areas and prices are calculated in relation to distance.

Please click on the map to enlarge the image 



Church Services/Events

Our church services and events are priced on a donation basis. Some of them are also subsidised by grants.

To aid you we have published suggested minimum donations along with the real cost of the event. Any donations made above this will be reinvested into the group to help us in the future.

  Area A Area B Area C
Minimum Donation £280 £380 £480
Our Breakeven Cost £350 £450 £550



Primary Schools

We offer various childrens productions from year to year that are suited for Primary Schools and are meant to educate and engage the pupils with lively drama and set.

More information here.


Area A Area B

Up to 3 x 40 minute workshops for KS2 in the morning +

50 minute performance for the whole school in the afternoon

£350 £420


Prison Work

If you are interested in booking us for a prison outreach, we would be happy to discuss them with you on an indivdiual basis! Prison outreaches are fully based on the donations of our supporters.

Find more information on our Prisons page.



                                              Performances in Area D                                             

Performances in Area D are discussed on an individual basis and usually cover longer events. If you have any special enquiries for performances in those areas we are happy to discuss them with you.



                                                 Book Us/Contact Us                                                

If you would like to book one of our productions, please contact us and we will send you a booking form. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via mail or telephone.


Phone: 01935 471547



                                               Terms and Conditions                                               

Cancellation Policy

 Oddments Theatre Company does not always require a deposit to confirm the booking for church service. However, we do require a deposit for day event and festival and Churches together events. Booking space is at a premium and events are planned up to a year in advance we do have a cancellation policy. If in the unlikely event you need to cancel the event we would ask you to pay the following:

  Within 4 months: One third of our breakeven amount  

  Within 3 months: Half the cost our breakeven amount  

  Within 8 weeks: 80% of the cost of our break event amount  

During the time your booking was in place we would have turned down other opportunities to perform and started to work on your programme. The revenue from church performances/events enables us to provide food for the team and fund development of our prison missions. As churches usually plan months in advance it would be very unlikely that we would be able to re-schedule this date.(To date we have had only one church cancellation in 30 years)


Friends of Oddments 

If suitable, we would also like to ask for an opportunity to set up a display and promote 'Friends of Oddments'. We ask this at every event in order to gain support for our prison work. Again, please let us know if you would like to discuss this.



Depending on the start time of an event and when we are scheduled to perform, we may ask whether you are able to provide the team with food and drink. This will be discussed according to the event planned.



If you have a sound system that we could use/link our own radio mics to, this would be beneficial because it saves a lot of setting up time, although we do have our own system we could bring if need be.


The Space 

Before a performance we will require a certain amount of time to set up and assure we're prepared, so if we could be in the space approximately 1hr 30mins before the performance this would benefit us greatly. Please let us know if this would be a problem to you. (Time to set up may vary depending on the type of booking)



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