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Fish and Chips

and 25 Other Sketches



Help us by buying a book for a prisoner, your church or yourself!


Only £10  for a prisoner

£10 (+£1.40 for postage) for churches or for your own book


This book contains twenty-six tried and tested sketches for you to enjoy reading, and perform at your own events. The themes covered are wide-ranging and great fun to act. Some of the dramas will make you laugh, some will make you cry and others will leave you with much to ponder. But all of the dramas tell a strong story that will engage your audience.


     Buy a book for a prisoner:

 We are trying to get this drama book into every prison we currently work in across the country. We hope that the prisoners will be able to use the book so they may perform the dramas to their inmates or simply enjoy reading the stories and learning something new from them. 

If you wish to buy a book for yourself or for your church please conact us so we may gather your information. Click the link below to contact us.

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