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Oddments has performed at churches all over England and has a large selection of material suitable for church services or events. We are are flexible to perform in a range of spaces and we are particularly popular with family services in which we can perform 30 - 40 minutes of lively material which will engage both children and adults alike. Our family service programmes combine lively children's dramas, which are fun and entertaining, with some more thought provoking pieces for adults. All our programmes are tailored to suit your requirements. 


     Drama within Church Services                                                                                  

We offer you different possibilities to combine our programme within your service. Of course we are happy to discuss this topic on an individual basis.

  Example 1:

  Example 2:




     Feedback and Comments                                                                                         

"Many, many thanks for the splendid evening last night. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and the comments of appreciation went on well after you left. These were comments not only on what you did for us last evening, but on what you are doing generally in the name of our Lord. Please make sure all the team see these thanks. What a super group you have. Bless you and keep up the good work."

Edwin G - Kingsbury Episcopi Methodist Church



"Thank you so much for your visit last Sunday. I have heard nothing but praise from people about it and, especially important, the views of parents and people with school connections were very positive; the mum of the teenager there was so impressed, as she told me again at the youth group on Tuesday evening. I think you may get some further work in that direction.  But for those who were there on Sunday it was an excellent experience, and many thanks to you all."

 Rev Peter Woolway – C & M Baptist Church 



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