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Oddments performs at ‘churches together’ events across the UK. Churches use our performances as an opportunity to create community events for Christians and non Christians alike. These can be anything from outdoor performances in a public space; on a stage in a marketplace or in the park, or at the local church or village hall. Churches even book us for their ‘houseparty’ weekends away. Most of these events are family orientated and the material has a strong emphasis on bible based stories that are fun-filled and entertaining. However, we also have productions that are suitable for adults – both to challenge the more mature believer in their walk of faith, as well as to reach out to non-believers.

Due to the adaptability of our programmes, we can produce a show to suit your needs. Just contact us to discuss what you would like. It is advisable for you to book these events in advance, so we can allow for planning.



 Fun In The Park
We can perform at outdoor events in the park – from prop filled stories such as David and Goliath and Jonah to more thought provoking pieces including mime and solo numbers.
These events are very family friendly and are a great way to bring a number of churches together. Churches might combine this with a picnic or cake stalls and a barn dance, for example.

Full Length Productions
These events can be turned into a supper evening or a lunchtime gathering, and can be used as outreach.

The Hiding Place, the incredible story of the Ten Boom's a devoted Christian family who felt they couldn't just watch the devistating circumstances of the Jews so they acted and set out on an incredable rescue mission. This led to Corrie and her sister being imprisoned in the second world war. The production will focus on God's influence on Corrie's life and how God gave her the strength and means to do his work in terrible circumstances. It is the story of God's love and hope in an environment of darkness and brutality.


Church Weekends Away                                                                                                    

Churches also like to use us on their weekends away as a way to encourage and challenge believers in their faith.  We can create a programme of any length to fit in with your schedule.


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