Education and Community


We believe in educating children in self-confidence and encouraging them to be happy with who God has made them. Poor confidence is something that can very easily affect a child, particularly while they are at school. We work in schools, using the message of the gospel to show how it doesn't matter how insignificant a child may feel, they can still achieve great things. We use fun and engaging stories to teach children about biblical and famous figures who overcame negativities.

Our work focuses on the priority areas identified by the Department of Education in the Every Child Matters policy: being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, and economic well-being.



We believe in promoting awareness and understanding amongst the young people we perform to. The issues facing teenagers today can often seem overwhelming; we aim to approach these issues in an accessible way, equipping our audience with the confidence to react appropriately in difficult situations.

A key problem amongst young people is bullying. Our work explores the effects this can have, encouraging victims to speak out and challenging bullies to rethink their behaviour. Often bullies have been victims of bullying themselves which can then become a vicious cycle. We work in the community to break these cycles, promoting positive self-image and respect amongst peers.

Binge drinking is another issue we tackle. Even teenagers who do not drink will have most likely experienced the effects of alcohol on friend, relative or heard stories resulting from a drink-fuelled evening. We aim to educate our audience about the real effects of excessive alcohol consumption, encouraging them to be sensible with the amount they drink and still have an enjoyable time.

We also explore a range of other themes amongst our youth work which is flexible depending on the needs of each individual mission. Ultimately, we aim to be relational with the young people we work with. We want them to enjoy the work we do with them, but to also go away thinking about the issues we have addressed.

In the past we have also run drama workshops within the youth community in which we tackled the same and similar issues. This is a great way to get people thinking about not just the affects these issues have on them, but also how their actions emotionally and physically affect others.   


     Being healthy and staying safe                                                                                

Our school performances correlate with PSHE curriculum. In the past we have delivered sexual education presentations alongside Challenge Team UK, which seeks to prevent teenage pregnancies and STIs. Crime prevention is another key area of our work which includes projects on bullying, binge drinking and addiction.


     Enjoying and achieving                                                                                            

We strongly believe that education can be fun, and encourage teachers and learners to investigate alternative ways of teaching and learning with us.


     Making a positive contribution                                                                                

We encourage active social engagement in children and young people through our workshops.


     Economic well-being                                                                                                

We seek to make our performances accessible to all children regardless of family background, and also promote equality, justice and non-material values among young people.

We closely work with RE teachers and heads of departments in regional schools to offer alternative teaching resources though our performance and workshop to educate children and young people about faith and values (such as tolerance and compassion) which strengthen community cohesions in our multi-cultural society.

Our projects also seek to support SEAL programmes in regional secondary school. Our workshops, presentations and performances highlight the importance of social and emotional aspects of learning. We strongly encourage positive choices in life, promote self-esteem and seek to help children and young people resist peer pressure.


     Adult Education                                                                                                        

Adult education is another important area of our work. We seek to educate people from disadvantaged backgrounds about various social issues (e.g. addiction, domestic violence, etc.), and to equip them with knowledge and skills which will enable them to enjoy safer, healthier and more productive lives.


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