Friends of Oddments/Supporters

Oddments is kindly supported by a number of churches and individuals. Without this, we would be unable to continue our mission and we are grateful to our supporters for their generosity and prayers. We always welcome new supporters as our outreach into prisons and schools continues to expand.

Each individual outreach has a cost. These vary, but typical costs can be between:
£300 - £400 for school assemblies
£250 - £450 for church outreaches
£200 - £350 for missions to prisons

These costs do not include hidden expenses, such as travel and insurance and of course Oddments also has to consider the cost of the equipment they use which can often be between £3000 - £5000.

We believe that a lot of people supporting our work with a small contribution each month will make a big difference. 'Friends of Oddments' is a scheme through which you can regularly support the work we do with a fixed donation. This money is used to subsidise our outreach events, purchase new equipment and build props. It also covers training and administration costs. We appreciate any amount you can donate, but ask for a minimum of £2 a month, or £25 a year.

To join "Friends of Oddments", please Contact Us.

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