The Hiding Place

Audience Reviews

"The Hiding Place was brilliant, a very moving and heartfelt performance."

The incredible story of the Ten Boom's, a devoted Christian family who felt they couldn't just watch the devastating circumstances of the Jews so they acted and set out on an incredible rescue mission. This lead to Corrie and her sister being imprisoned in the Second World War.

The production focuses on God's influence on Corrie's life and how God gave her the strength and means to do his work in terrible circumstances. It is the story of God's love and hope in an environment of darkness and brutality.

"What a powerful performance showing how God's love can overcome hatred and evil - it's an inspiration to us all"

Audience Reviews

"An extraordinary evening; a strong story well told. The stage set is wonderful."


    For Churches...                                                                                                                 

The production designed for churches runs as a 2 act play (at approximately 2 hours 15 minutes including interval).
This professional production features music, an exciting stage set and period costumes which give it an authentic aesthetic.

      Interested in booking a performance?                                                                                                                           

Contact us at:
01935 471547




Full show with an exciting stage set and costumes
Milage up to 130 miles round trip *
Advertising Pack **
All profits from ticket sales go to Oddments
OPTION 2 £450 Full show with an exciting stage set and costumes
Milage up to 300 miles round trip *
Advertising Pack **
Online ticket booking
First £450 to organiser then 50/50 split between Oddments and organiser
(Approx. 54 tickets sold to break even)

* Additional mileage is charged at 32p/mile

** Advertising pack includes pull-up banner, 300 flyers, A3 posters and advertising on the Oddments website

This is a ticketed production and Oddments ask that the tickets are sold at £8.50 in advance or £10.50 on the door (prices are fixed nationally). 10% of our costs go towards the copyrights of the story 


      How far ahead do we need to book you?                                                                                                                     

This can vary, but usually 3-6 months in advance. However, a lot depends on when we are touring to certain areas of the country. Contact the office and we will be able to let you know.

      What audience size do you need?                                                                                                                               

We don't set an audience size, but ideally 50 – 300 tickets sold makes a great outreach event. We will turn up whatever number come. We just ask you to promote the event as well as you can. It’s not the numbers attending that count, it’s how God uses the play for those who come. If we get 54 paying people in the audience, Oddments breaks even on the event and anymore makes a profit which can be reinvested.

      What stage size do we need?                                                                                                                                     

We actually don't need a stage, but if there one then we will use it – depending on its size. The main thing we require is a flat floor as the stage set moves around during the show. The minimum size is 4 X 4 meters but the depth can be reduced a little if the length is wider. The stage set is desired to be adaptable so there is some flexibility of how we set the show up. We ask you to supply us a couple of pictures and the dimensions of your space in advance.

      What venue do you suggest we use?                                                                                                                         

Use what building you think works best for you.

      Is there a deposit or cancellation fee?                                                                                                                        

Oddments Theatre Company does not require a deposit to confirm the booking for church service. However, we do require a deposit for day event and festival and Churches together events. Booking space is at a premium and events are planned up to a year in advance we do have a cancellation policy. If in the unlikely event you need to cancel the event within three months of the performance date, we would ask you to pay the following:

Option 1

£175 Non-refundable booking fee

Option 2

£250 Cancellation fee (including deposit) if paid within 10 days of cancelation notice being received or after this we charge full price-£450

From the date the event was first planned we would have turned down other opportunities to perform and will have planned your event. The revenue from church performances/events enables us to provide food for the team and fund development of our prison missions. As churches usually plan months in advance it would be very unlikely that we would be able to re-schedule this date.
(To date we have had only one church cancellation in 30 years).

      What price are the tickets?                                                                                                                                         

Ticket prices are set nationally at £8.50 in advance and £10.50 on the door. If you wish to lower these prices we require that you subsidise Oddments the amount that is lost by doing this.

      How do we sell tickets?                                                                                                                                              

  Directly to the public  
We supply you with a ticket template for you to print off the amount that you would like to sell. It is your responsibility to keep a record of the tickets sold.

  Via the internet           
People will be able to purchase tickets via the Oddments website.

      Can we make it a free ticket event?                                                                                                                           

You can make it a free ticket event if you really want to do a free event. However, we would have to change our initial price for you to 90% of people attending at £8.50 (advance price) and 10% at £10.50 (on the door), meaning a higher fee for the production for yourself.

Oddments are not to keen on ‘free events’. We believe the show is worth every penny of the ticket price. This is a proper theatre show with stage set, lighting, sound and six full time actors. People would except to pay for a show like this. Some people think 'free' means it isn’t actually any good! Free ticketed events don’t seem to increase the numbers attending. In fact, people who book tickets usually turn up whatever the weather. We do not offer online booking for a free ticket event.

NOTE: What one church successfully did was to offer free tickets to people who weren't in the position of buying a ticket(s), and the church also brought a few to give out to non-church goers. This seemed to be a win-win all round and those who could afford to come brought a ticket and those who could not got a free ticket. The church didn't have a big bill, and Oddments didn't lose out. The drawback is that you need to keep a record of any free tickets.

      Is there any publicity?                                                                                                                                               

We will supply you with: larger poster, flyers and a big pop up banner to help make this event a success. We can even supply an email advert to send out if requested. 

     What time does the show start?                                                                                                                                  

  Afternoon Shows        
Usually 2.30pm but if there is no evening show anytime between 2-4pm

  Evening Shows           
We suggest the performance starts at either 7 / 7.30pm

     Do I need to provide accommodation?                                                                                                                          

This depends on the location. If we are touring (meaning, away for a night or more) we will require accommodation. This can either be with a host family or a church floor. We will supply further details if needed.

     Do I need to provide the team with food?                                                                                                                      

Yes. Usually the team are performing in the evening, and we generally will take a short food break at the venue an hour and a half before the show (so for a 7.30pm show, we would eat around 6pm). This can be something very simple like sandwiches or jacket potatoes – though it is good to know in advance so the team can eat accordingly the rest of the day! Dietary requirements will be provided. 

I hope this helps you to plan your event. The main thing is to get the date booked as early as it is convenient to you due to availability of dates.



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