Oddments Theatre Company is an established Christian theatre company. Initially, a few young people were asked to perform in a church service. The group enjoyed it so much that they decided to write a few dramas of their own to be used in churches. The group continued to produce drama and began to expand, taking their sketches to local youth groups around the area.

     Where did we start?                                                                                                       


The group went live in the mid-eighties with the opening of its own bank account. The founder sat down with a bank manager who proceeded to inform him of the benefits of a community account, a deposit of just £1 was paid. The work of Oddments developed over the coming years, and the founder started to raise funds so he could work part-time for the group. They began to travel further afield, and on one occasion managed to close down the whole of the M5! On September 18th 2004, Oddments became a charity enabling them to receive gift aided donations which helped expand their work. Working in prisons became a large part of their mission work, however, the outreach began completely by accident. 

While planning a show, a letter was mistakenly sent to the chaplain at Portland Prison. He sent a kind reply, apologising that his congregation would be unable to attend for obvious reasons, however, he wondered whether the team would like to come and perform at the prison.

The group did so with some trepidation, but the rest as they say is history, and very much a part of God’s plan. Over the years Oddments has performed in churches, schools and prisons across the England.

Oddments have also been involved in work on a national level. This included working with organisations such as ‘Youth with a Mission’, ‘Operation Mobilisation’ and ‘Youth for Christ’ and performances at the popular New Wine Festival and at the National Christian Police Conference.

     Where are we now?                                                                                                       

Oddments had always run as a part time team until 2010, when the first full time team was established. Initially, nobody applied. The situation was looking bleak, but eventually, applications began to trickle in. Five people really stood out as ideal candidates…and they became the team! A house was bought for them to live in and in September, they all moved in and began work in the newly built office. Since then the work of Oddments has continued to develop, we are now working with the seventh full time team, which is proving to be just as successful as the first. With the new team at the helm of a work that started over three decades ago, which with God’s great blessing has steadily expanded.

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