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Oddments Theatre is specialised to produce lively retellings of Bible stories, combining high energy with colourful sets and extensive props. All the Bible stories have something to tell to today’s children as well, building their self-confidence and helping them to think about what influence their actions have on other people. Through our performances children can engage with the stories and enjoy being an interactive part of the show. Our plays can be included in school assemblies or tailored for a more unique occasion within the educational framework. Each production you book is paired with workshops based on the corresponding themes. Our productions are suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 and are designed to supplement the SEAL framework.


    Productions - Now available for 2018/2019!                           

Pilgrim's Progress

Now a
vailable for booking for Nov 2018 onwards!

This production is based on the classic book of the same name by John Bunyan.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, it compares our life to a journey. Together we’ll discover how our lives are impacted – for the better and the worse – by the people we choose to listen to and we’ll see how God can help us too!

The production is suitable for the whole school and is 50 minutes in length. This is paired with workshops for the KS2 pupils to help them understand the themes and characters, all who relate to the type of people who may help us and mislead us in our lives. 



   NEW: ARK ADVENTURE - Available for additionial needs schools

Ark Adventure is an educational exploration of the story of Noah’s ark, communicated in a way which will be engaging for those with special needs. We believe everyone deserves the chance to see effective drama and trust that this experience will be greatly beneficial for the children. This hour long production goes on a stimulating sensory adventure with Noah and His furry friends.

Our production is an hour long sensory experience full of music, dance and colour and also creates the opportunity for the children to be involved in various activities including playing with water and making fruit salads. Our aim is that this experience will be enjoyable but also educational.

This production can be repeated four times throughout the day with approximately 25 children in each session. This production can be specifically tailored to the needs of the children in your school. The children will also participate in various activities such as finger painting and making fruit salads which will give children an immersive theatrical experience.



Feedback from past productions...


"Absolutley brilliant performances - children 100% engaged.

Please let us know when you are back in the area!"


- St Thomas a Becket Catholic Infants


Area A:

Avon, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, West Hampshire


Area B:

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, East Hampshire, Middlesex, Greater London, Surrey, West Sussex, Cornwall


                                                                                         Area A               Area B     

                                                                                          £ 350                 £ 420       


 These prices are subsided by grants and supporters which means your school will only contribute a part of the actual cost. Prices are set regionally. If our group is touring in your area we might be able to reduce the cost of a performance so please ask.


National Inspection Report:


We encourage you to mention us at your next Ofsted inspection stating that you have received input from Oddments Theatre as a way of enhancing the Christian ethos of the school and promoting links with the wider Christian community.


       Past Productions                                                                    

View Pictures HERE! 

             Dan in the Den                          Jonah                               Moses 



            David & Goliath           The Bin Men's Banquet     Wise & Foolish Builders



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